Bulk Cement Stainless Tank Semi Trailer--No.00401

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Maxway Vehicle: Bulk Cement Stainless Tank Semi Trailer:  

Maxway Vehicle£¬  is Using fully automatic computer CAD design techology£¬tanks are used automatic longitudinal/ring to the welding seam is firm and level off£¬Stainless Bulk Trailer can be independent warehouse storage£¬ shipment different abrasive materials£¬ unloading speed£¬ low residual rate£¬ safety performance is high£¬ easy to operate.

Bulk Trailer mainly by the cylinder£¬ the upper end of the tank to the feed opening£¬ fluidized bed£¬ the discharge tube assembly£¬ the intake pipe and other accessories. Top of the tank is equipped with two or three feed port.