3 Axles Bulk Cement Stainless Tank Semi Trailer Vehicle--No.00402

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Maxway Vehicle:  Bigger  Capacity 3Axles Bulk Cement Stainless Tank Semi Trailer Vehicle:

The front and rear air chamber of the bulk cement vehicle is provided with an air inlet pipe£¬ and the function of simultaneously opening and separately controlling can be realized through the ball valve. 

The working principle of the system is as follows: the working power is extracted from the automobile gear box£¬ through the driving device to drive the air compressor£¬ the compressed air generated by the control pipeline enters the air chamber£¬ so that the powder particles in the tank can produce fluidization phenomenon. When the pressure reaches 0.196Mpa£¬ open the discharge valve£¬ to achieve discharge. 

Bulk cement trailer Parameters:

Volume 73cbm
King pin  2 inch or 3.5 inch
Axles 3£ª13ton standard liquid oil lubrication technology axles £¨BPW /Fuwa is optional)
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Material Carbon steel£¬ stainless steel£¬ aluminum alloy
Air compressor power mode Weichai diesel engine £¨electric is optional )
Trie 12R22.5
Light LED light
Painting Polyurethane paint&Anti-rust Primer&Sand Blasting
Overall L£ªW£ªH 13700£ª2500£ª4000
Loading 80T-100T
Fuel Type WEICHAI£¬HUAFENGDiesel Oil Fuel
Brake System Double Line Air Brakes
Use bulk cement trailer cement bulker