Stainless Bulk Cement Semi- Trailer /Vehicle--No.00403

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Maxway Vehicle:   Stainless Bulk Cement Semi- Trailer 

Maxway Vehicle bulk cement tank semi trailer V Type Bulk Cement Semi Trailer  has the characteristics of large capacity £¬low center of gravity £¬few remnants £¬simplified structure£¬quick discharging £¬easy to operate and maintain .It  is suitable for the fly ash£¬ cement£¬ lime powder£¬ mineral powder£¬ granule£¬ alkali and other grain£¬ Which  diameter is not more than 0.1 mm between powder dry bulk transport of materials .  The design of the pneumatic system is reasonable £¬and the unloading speed is fast £¬which is effectively prevents pipeline blockage.

Powder material transport vehicle is  widly used many fields£¬ such as  industrial£¬ agricultural£¬ commercial£¬ power plants£¬ construction £¬ and also can order special vehicles.