How to choose reasonable shippment terms

2016/7/15 Admin 21 Views

Reasonable shipping term can save you much money

The shipping methods of flatbed and chassis trailer:

1. The most economical method---- 40 ft high cube container. 

It can transport 2 sets of flatbed or chassis trailer. But there is one problem. That is the trailer need to be cut off from the tail.

2. The most suitable method---45 ft high cube container.

It can also transport 2 sets of trailers and no need to cut off. But some ports do not accept 45 ft container. We usually need to apply to the shipping company for it.

3. The most secure method--- bulk cargo or RORO

About shipping terms of tanker trailer:

1. Bulk cement trailer.

Because the bulk cement trailer is very large in size and not regular. We usually choose RORO or bulk cargo shipment.  £®Special Frame)

2. Fuel tanker trailer

We have design different kinds of shipment terms  for Bulk cargo